Flavours of the City is was founded by Ajay Haripersad, an events and entertainment entrepreneur who has worked in South African events for over a decade. With a gift for operational excellence and a passion for pioneering lifestyle events in South Africa, Ajay has been involved in some signature large scale events from the Taste Festivals to the Top Gear South Africa festival in 2010. Ajay is highly respected and well known for his unparalleled professional track record in the exhibition industry and events industry. His Motto: ” Never Give Up, Perseverance brings Success” As the media and marketing partner to Flavours of the City, Clipping Point Media brings a wealth of marketing experience to this event. Where Ajay and his team bring an operational excellence to the event, Clipping Point Media brings a creative, sales and marketing impetus to unearth the true potential of this event and brand in the marketplace. Wesley Marks, the Creative Director and co-founder of Clipping Point Media is a seasoned creative with experience in the TV, Agency and Events space. Also a co-founder of Clipping Point Media, Avon Middleton also brings a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry with a background in Content & Digital Marketing.